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The Oint Mitt Brand

What the Oint Mitt Brand is & how it can help you!

The Original Oint Mitt...

The Original Oint Mitt is terrific for all of your body top to bottom. It helps you to apply ointments, such as Icy Hot, BioFreeze, and Salonpas to ease muscle pain and stiffness without the mess and smell left behind on your hands.  No More Hand Scrubbing!

No more wasted product, as with the Oint Mitt-a little goes a long way.

Available in Small and Large.  

$12.50 ea. or $30.00/3 + $2.00 S/H

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I have since found that you can use the Oint Mitt with any product you wish to apply to your body, including sunless tanning creams!  All the while keeping your hands clean, dry, stain & odor free.  Learn more on the Oint Mitt page.

It has made a world of difference in my everyday life and I want to share it to help you too! 

Oint Mitt Moisture for Back...


 Allows you to apply ointments such as Icy Hot, BioFreeze etc., lotions and creams to your back yourself

 with ease, No help needed.  


Great for helping to moisturize the skin, apply sun block or aloe to 

sun burnt skin.  

49" in length so it is easy for all to use.

Available in one size 49"  $10.00 + $2.00 S/H

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Wipes clean easily with a washcloth,  folds easily for storage or keep handy by laying across your towel bar.  

Oint Mitt Moisture for Hands...

Oint Mitt Moisture for your Hands  

 are perfect to use for anyone with dry, chapped hands.  Use them while you watch T.V. or while you sleep.  Helps to keep you clothes and bedding clean and dry.

They stay in place and you gain all the benefits of the products being applied because the inside material of the Hand and Feet Mitts do not soak up any of the product being applied.  

Available in Small and Large.

$12.50 each set + $2.00 S/H

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Many have given us feedback that it has also helped with  their arthritis pain, as they have a warming and comforting feel when used. 

Oint Mitt Moisture for Feet...

The Feet Mitts are useful for anyone struggling with dry, cracked and calloused feet.  

$25.00 Ladies Set (one size fits all)

$40.00 Mens Set  (one size fits all)

+ $3.00 S/H

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They are also helpful to those with medical conditions (such as diabetes)  to keep your feet in good, healthy condition. 

Use whatever creams, lotions or balms you desire.  Just using them once per month will keep your feet Sandal Ready!

Oint Mitt Moisture for Neck...

The Moist Heat Neck bags are useful for anyone struggling with neck stiffness & pain.  

Put them in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and lay across your neck.


Available in unscented and scented. 

$10.00 each + $5.00 S/H

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Scented are infused with essential oils 

(lavender, bergamot, ylang ylang).  It is reported that when inhaling this combination of essential oils it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure.  

Oint Mitt Moisture Ice Packs...

The Oint Mitt Cold Therapy Pack is great to have ready for any sore spot on your body where you need cold therapy. 

Works fantastic for those suffering Hot Flashes!!  Lay one on your chest or under your neck when you go to sleep and you will feel the difference!

Works like an ice pack but without the problem of melting ice!!  Just put in the freezer and use when you need.

Available in 3 pack 4"x5" each

$12.00 Set of 3 + $5.00 S/H

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FREE Delivery on Gift Box orders placed now through April 15th.  

Guaranteed on time delivery 

for Mother's Day.

Includes 1 Original Oint Mitt,

1 Set Oint Mitt Moisture-Hands

1 Set Oint Mitt Moisture-Feet

Plus extra little surprise goodies 

that she's going to love!

$ 50.00 each Gift Box with FREE S/H

Visit the Store Page to Order

This is just a sample of the types of gift box orders we create.  You choose-theme, color-you name it.  We will custom create a gift box that is perfect for the one you love and appreciate.  

 Call Jennifer at 269-420-2626 to discuss possibilities or email requests to [email protected]

About The Oint Mitt Brand

We love Creating products for you

Jennifer Phend


The Oint Mitt Brand started from an idea and then creation of a product to help manage the frustrations of dealing with pain on a daily basis.  Ultimately making every day a little easier and now sharing with all who suffer the same.  I hope you enjoy your 

Oint Mitt products and I hope that they help to make your days go  a little smoother.  

  ALL Oint Mitt products are created of a vinyl, polyester and or cotton blend and are REUSABLE and Washer-Dryer friendly.  They are very affordable, made of quality materials, by hand-here in the U.S., Tampa, Florida.


Give or Get a Therapeutic Massage, Treating Your Muscle Cramps and Assisting to Manage Your Pain-Everyday

Pamper Your Skin With Essential Oils & Lotions

Protect Your Skin By Using Sunscreen Plus It'sGreat for Sunless Tanning Creams Too

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